Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thoughts on the 2008 general election

My friend Miriam Lind wrote the following:

Obama is the first candidate who I look at and see myself, and my friends. He is intelligent and ambitious, from humble beginnings, who is determined to defy limits, pursue excellence, and is unafraid and unashamed to want the world. He is the first candidate- sorry, the first PRESIDENT in my lifetime who I look at and, instead of just thinking "wow that politician sure is rich and powerful" I think "wow, if he could do it, I can do it. All my friends can do it." Obama is someone who makes me, on a gut level, want to work harder and to seize the day, because I can, because there is no excuse not to, because otherwise I would be cheating my potential.

And Reggie wrote some prose:

America is why Rosa sat
Martin marched
and why Barack ran
so our children will fly.

Also, an open letter to President-elect Barrack Obama by Alice Walker that I am quite fond of. And another, albiet more critical, open letter. In passing I heard someone say "a deep awakening has occurred", and I agree. The American people are once again proud of their nation and have hope in themselves to direct the fate of the world. I caution us not to simply rest our faith in a newly elected government, but to be a proactive, informed, participating vox populi.

Understand that we are facing a mass extinction on the planet, not to mention war in multiple countries costing us $341 million dollars a day, and a crumbling economy. It is time we solved problems through dialog, not force; to engage and work with other nations as we came together yesterday, November 4th, to change history; and possibly above all - ensure we are careful stewards of our only home we've ever known.

A promise has been restored, and it is our responsibility to keep it.

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